Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Pokemon Go has me thinking about...

Pokemon Go has me thinking about so many things. One story caught my eye and it started me digging through my Google accounts. The story talked about the permission you grant when you install any app. I usually just download and start using the apps with little thought to the overall security of my data or device. Take a look into your account and see what level of permission your apps have. Not all apps will be listed just the ones with hooks into your Google data.

1. Click your image in the upper right corner of Gmail.
2. Click My Account.

Click Connected apps & sites.

Click Manage Apps.

A sampling of apps that are connected to my Google account.
I don't recall giving access to Kinja or The Teachers Guild.

I clicked on Kinja.
I could click on Remove if I didn't want to give the site basic access to my Google account.

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