Sunday, September 30, 2012

What did you learn at the Unconference?

Posted by Guest Blogger-Samantha Whorton
After our Unconference 2.0 on Friday I found myself eager to try out some new things. Some of the things I learned include, blogger,,,, among many more. is a great tool to use for presentations. Instead of just the regular PowerPoint, you can include videos as well. With PowerPoint, you can input videos, but then you can not see the slideshow. With you can have a PowerPoint slide on half the screen and a video on the other half to explain the slide. This is beneficial for many reasons such as oral presentations, homework problems, explaining a process, showing examples to the students, etc. 

Blogger is a great tool to use for classrooms and also for communication between the students, parents, and teachers. I have had a blog for my classroom for two years, but during the Unconference, I learned a great deal about adding pages, inputting my google calendar, and also making it more interactive. I am excited to show my students my new and improved blog on Monday. is another resource to use within the classroom. This is a website that is designed for education. It has many real pictures of animals from around the world. It also has videos, PowerPoints, teaching worksheets and answers, and tips. The majority of the resources include information about endangered animals, but there is also resources for other topics. For example, my students just finished learning about plants and their parts. On, I researched plant parts and found a useful video, PowerPoint, and interactive game to use. is a resource to use for social studies, history, etc. There are millions of real pictures from millions of places. In social studies, you can type in a place such as the Arch and get many different pictures from different time periods. This would be useful to show the students the differences in time periods, as well as compare different places. is a resource that I haven’t decided how exactly to use it in the classroom. It is a website where you can type in conversations to create into a fake text. After you type it out, you can select the provider and also where you want to send it. My ideas for this resource so far are for conversations, creating stories, talk about point of view, etc. I think the students would have fun with it. 

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Multiple Tabs + Chrome = Efficiency

Here is a great demo created by a teacher on how he uses the Chrome browser.  I am a huge fan of using multiple tabs.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Short notice but do you have plans tonight?

WHAT: Jonathan Kozol, author and educator
WHEN &WHERE: Monday September 24,2012
5:30 PM Keynote Address
6:30 PM Meet the Author and Book Signing

Free and Open to the Public
Loretto Hilton Theatre
130 Edgar Road St.Louis, Missouri 63119

I have read a number of his books and think this will be a unique opportunity to hear what he has to say in person.

Monday, September 17, 2012

What is a transliterate student?

Watch this short ignite talk for the answer.

What do you think?  Do we have a totally new form of literacy?

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Classrooms....Then and Now

In our ELITE 3 classes, we have been discussing how our classrooms have changed over time.  Here are the activity directions:
For this activity, we would like you to brainstorm what it would be like to explain the modern classroom to your grandparents.  If you were taking them on a tour, what would they see and hear?  What would students be doing? The teacher?  Create a 5 minute presentation of your choice to share this information.

Here are some of the sample projects people have created.
Using Glogster....

Using Prezi.....

Saturday, September 8, 2012

7 Hours = Professional Life Changed Forever

The free tickets to this event are slowly disappearing.  Sign up now before it is too late!

Why should you sign up for this event?  The number one reason is this is unlike any event you have ever attended.  The sessions are not planned in advance and there is no keynote speaker.  This is more of a conversation around specific topics.

I had the best time last year.  Will you join me?

(The LiNC team also created a discussion and it was a pretty powerful experience.)

Friday, September 7, 2012


Know that what you do on a daily basis makes a difference. We are changing the child at a time. Thanks for making someone feel special today.


Wednesday, September 5, 2012

ELITE 2-Being a Reflective Teacher

How to Make Better Teachers Article

Getting Started with Blogger

DIRECTIONS...Log in to blogger with your google account.
Don't have a google account?  Click the Sign Up button and follow the prompts.
Getting Started
Advanced Blogging

Diigo Refresher

Using Diigo to Organize Web Resources

What is social bookmarking?  Check out this video to learn more.
Create an accout with
Step 2: (Optional) Install the Diigo toolbar
Additional Tutorials:
How to bookmark a site using the Diigo Toolbar
Find and Join groups in Diigo
Edit a bookmark
Find and follow people on diigo
How to Create a List in Diigo
How to Find Lists in Diigo 
What now?

TV Equipment Refresher

The back of this document will show you how the TV box will work.   This is PDF that illustrates the basic remote functions.
By the end of this center you will:
  • understand how the TV box works
After viewing the above guide:
  • know how to chnage the TV volume
  • understand how to change the channel
  • know how to change modes (TV, computer, DVD)

Audio Equipment Refresher

FrontRow Audio (blue box)

Here you will learn how to operate the audio system in your classroom.
By the end of this center you will:
  • understand how to adjust the settings on the FrontRow box
  • know how the neck lanyard microphone works
Note: It is very important to keep the overall volume low when using the microphone.
Tip: Make sure your TV is ALWAYS turned up to 100%.  Use the blue audio box to adjust the volume level.  If you do not turn the TV up to 100% your blue box tends to shut off after 10 minutes of use.

Epson Projector Refresher

This center is focused on the Epson Projector.  The following links will teach you the basics on how to operate parts of this projector. 
By the end of this center you will:
  • know how to calibrate your board
  • use the tools to annotate the screen
  • (if there is time) know how to use the white board mode
Please complete these steps in the order they appear.
Calibrate the Projector
Calibrating your board is essential to using your pens with your board.  You will need to connect your laptop to the Epson projector in the room for this task.
Easy Interactive Epson Tools
These tools will allow you to annotate (draw) directly on your screen.   You do not have to be connected to the projector to complete these tasks.
Bonus Videos

ELMO Refresher

YouTube Videos:This center is focused on the ELMO document camera.  The following links will teach you the basics in becoming a successful ELMO user.  

By the end of this center you will:
  • know how to use ImageMate
  • know how to take pictures with the ELMO
  • (if there is time) know how to capture video with the ELMO
Please complete these steps in the order they appear.
Connecting the ELMO
This video will step you through what you should experience when you connect your ELMO to your laptop.  This process should only need to be completed once.
Taking Pictures with ImageMate
Launch your ImageMate software and follow the steps shown in this video.  
Tip: Use ImageMate to project what is under the ELMO.  There will be no delay going between what is under the ELMO and displaying your laptop.  When you use the buttons on the ELMO there tends to be a delay of up to 8 seconds before you can start using your computer again.
Advanced ELMO
Capturing Video with the ELMO
This video demonstrates how to use the ELMO to capture live video and audio.  This is typically used to capture a part of a lesson that is later uploaded to youtube or the moodle to be view later.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Seesaw - Summer 2018

This post was created to help guide our Seesaw session. Seesaw is a student-driven online portfolio which can also be used for parent c...