Thursday, July 7, 2016

Calming Waves Opens The Mind

It is amazing what a little background noise will do. The hum of a fish tank, the dishwasher or the waves on the beach of Pentwater can be awesome when you need to really focus on something. Check out this app/extension to help create background noise for your home and classroom.

The Noisli apps super inexpensive and a worthwhile investment. Maybe have an iPad in a writing center, this background noise could just be exactly what some of the kids need to help them focus. Why not try out the Chrome extension now. Using the extension is completely free. Check it out!

Install the extension.
1. Click the extension to launch Noisli. It looks like a little green button with a wavy line on it.
2. I would recommend clicking on the g+ Sign In button. It uses your Google credentials to create an account. 

I started using this site by clicking Add Combo

A new window will appear.
1. Settings.
2. Preset buttons. One click and the sounds will start playing. Too much wind? Keep reading to learn how to adjust it.
3. Scroll down the screen. Click on/off the sound icons. Each icon has a slider to show how intensely the sound will play. This allows you to create a very unique soundscape soundtrack.

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