Sunday, July 10, 2016

I love talking to Alexa.

Click the mic and start talking.

We bought an Amazon Echo a while ago and using it is pretty epic. No more hassle of actually picking up my mobile and talking into that. I can just start talking and Alexa will hear me. Slightly amazed at how sensitive her mics are.

So I started looking around to see what voice commands were available for my phone. I know I just said it was pretty inefficient but I was going on a road trip and there was no room in the car for my Echo.

Sunsets on Lake Michigan are pretty impressive. We always eat ice cream then walk down to see the sky and water slowly change as the sun sinks below the water. It is wicked important to time it just right, missing the sunset would be devastating. I guess I could have typed it out but talking just seems faster.

Opening an app or website is wicked easy. Just say open and then the site/app. You could just wait for the thing to open or click the little check mark to open it right away. This might be my favorite voice command right now. Try asking to turn on the flashlight.

I really love Google Keep. The geofence feature is pretty awesome and you can easily add notes by voice. Love this for when you are driving but stopped at a sign or light. The key is to say note to self then dictate your note. 

Check out this post with about a million voice commands to try out. 

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  1. THIS is WICKED awesome! Never knew Google was smarter than Galaxy....why did I ever doubt?


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