Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Is your projector ready?

The most used tool in the classroom is usually the projector. We created this post to cover two of the most used projector tools, the pens and Easy Interactive Tools. These videos will help you get up and running for day one.

Having a calibrated board is pretty fantastic. You and your students can interact right at the board without the need to hover over the laptop. Below are some highly produced videos from your instructional technology team to show you the calibration process.

Use the remote control images to identify which calibration process you need to follow.

We would recommend that you calibrate your board at the beginning of the year so your pens are 100% before the students arrive.



Easy Interactive Tools

Watch this basic overview for an understanding of how to use the interactive tools.

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  1. I can't hear you on the interactive tools video. Sound is all the way up AND I have my hearing aids in! What to do???


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