Friday, July 8, 2016

No more remembering passwords!

I struggled for years to remember all these passwords. From banking, investing, Moodle, various cloud tools, a few emails and so many social sites. I know I was supposed to create a different password for each one but that was kinda impossible. 

I was listening to a podcast that forever changed my life. They were talking about this extension called LastPass. The theory was that you would only need to remember one master password to log into the extension and LastPass would remember every password after that.

I tried it out. I created an account with a strong password (a combination of letters, numbers and symbols). Every time I came across a site that needed a password LastPass would pop up and ask me to enter the password. Once I did that it was saved so every time I visited the site LastPass would automatically fill in the password for me.

I have been using LastPass for years and have never looked back. I even upgraded to the premium version for only $12 a year. That is worth every penny. Below describes what it is like to use the extension on my laptop.

Using LastPass
Note: I already installed the extension and created a LastPass account. I have visited this site in the past and entered the username and password only once.

I needed to log my reading in the St. Louis County Summer Reading Program
I pulled up the site and see these three little dots in the username and password fields.

1. I click on the three dots.
2. LastPass pops up. It recognizes the site and offers up the username. All I have to do is click.

LastPass filled in the credentials.
All I need to do is click Login and I'm done!

This is an example of what happens when I visit many of my sites. I'm not sure how I would manage to keep my passwords secure without this great tool.

If I ever need to give my laptop to someone else to use I just log out of LastPass. All my passwords are secure. 

Need advice? Just email us. We would be glad to help you get set up.

Downloading & Creating Account
(official video)

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