Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Put Your Labeled Stuff On A Tab

At the top of our blog we have these neat little tabs called pages. This post shows you how to maximize the impact these buttons can have on your readers.

Open your blog to the editing page.
1. Click Layout.
2. Click Add a Gadget.

1. Scroll down.
2. Click the plus symbol on the Pages option.

1. Click +Add external link.

1. Add a title. This illustration is using the blogging example from the previous post. A great idea might be to label all your homework posts as such. Read on for why this would be epic.
2. Click Save Link. There will be another save button on the next screen.

This button now appears at the top of a page.

If I click on the Blogging Resources button it automatically takes me to a new page displaying all the posts I want my readers to see. 

What if... this took me to every homework post I created? All a student would need to do is click once and they see everything that was assigned. A second way teachers are using this is to create a page/tab for specific projects or subjects. 

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