Monday, June 27, 2016

How to create a new blog and then post from it.

Starting a new blog and posting.

Create A Blog
Log into your district Google account.
Navigate to
Click New Blog.

1. Pick a title for your blog. This is kinda like the spine of a book. Read the title and you are pretty certain what the books is about. Make it clear and to the point.
2. Pick an address. This is what someone would type in to find your blog.
3. Choose a template. I would recommend simple. You can always adjust it later.
4. Click Create blog!

Create A Post
To create a new post click the pencil or the orange New post button.

1. Create a fun and informative title for your new post. 
2. The editing tools are similar to Word or Docs only slightly more limited.
3. The body of your post. It can help engage the reader if you add images and videos.

On the far right there are some tools that are very important.

1. The buttons at the top are how you will publish your post. You can always save your post and come back to it another time. 
2. Labels. Please use labels! If your post is explain some homework then label it as such. This will greatly help your readers.  An upcoming post will go into depth with labels. 

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