Thursday, June 9, 2016

Facebook + Schoolwires = One Stop Shop

Looking to take your classroom Facebook feed and embed it into your classroom Schoolwires page? Follow these steps and your page will always be up to date. 

We created this video highlighting the steps you need to take as an alternative to reading the post.

Login to Schoolwires.
Open the page you want the feed to appear on.
Click Manage Apps & Layout.

Click Add App

1. Click Embed Code. You will have to scroll down a bit.
2. Click Create New.
3. Name and click Create.

Click I'm Done.

Hover and click the pencil.

Open a new tab.
Navigate to the Facebook Page Plugin site.

1. Deselect Show Friend's Faces.
2. Click Get Code.

Copy this code.
Return to your Schoolwires page.

Paste the code.
Add a new line by hitting enter on your keyboard.

Return to the Facebook page.
Repeat the same steps with the Step 3 code.

Paste the Step 3 code.
Click Save.

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