Tuesday, June 7, 2016

How will I ever remember that in September?

So many good ideas. How will I remember them?

Here is the dilemma many of us face. You take this really great summer class (like Google Classroom) and you are super pumped up. After a few weeks of sitting by the pool the amazingness of the class starts to fad away. Here is a surefire way from preventing that from happening.

Open Google Calendar.
Go to some date in the future. Maybe a month after school starts.
Create an event.
Click Edit event.

1. Create a catchy title.
2. Put the web links to the resources, docs, etc. in the description box.

Time warp to a few months from now and school has been in session for a while.
This pops up on your Google Calendar.
You click on the words Mystery Skype.

The event details open up.
You can see inside the description box everything you will to get ready for Mystery Skype.

This might be a good idea to teacher your students. What about adding that writing rubric to the calendar? Maybe an important video or website they need to reference later on? Maybe adding a permission slip link for that upcoming field trip? Possibilities are endless.

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