Tuesday, June 7, 2016

A real author in your classroom?

Kara LaReau Skyping a 1st grade classroom

This image shows the power of bringing the outside world into your classroom.

These first graders started by reading a number of books by an author, prepared questions and then Skyping with her. They quickly realized the person talking to them was the actual author and that was mind blowing to them. This fifteen minute conversation taught the class the power of persistence, the importance of a good editor and the value of hard work.

How can you create something like this for your classroom?

  1. Start with why. Why are you having this person talk to your kids? Make sure there is a strong connection to your curriculum. 
  2. Author and book study. It is wicked important to read up on what the author has written. Most will ask your students questions about their books. Be ready for that.
  3. Questions. The authors will usually take questions from the class so prepare them! It is a great idea to have them written down on a note card so they can quickly read their questions when called upon.

Finding Authors

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