Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Label Your Stuff!

After a while you will have like a billion different posts on your blog and it will become difficult to find stuff. Sometimes they call it the scroll of death, you just keep scrolling to find something and slowly give up over time.

Preventing this is pretty easy with a few simple steps. This post will show you the first part and the post that follows will take this idea to another level.

On the far right side of the blogger post writing interface you find a few options.
1. Click the word Labels. Add a one word descriptor about the post you are writing. If you choose to pick two words make sure they are separated by a comma.
2. Click Done at the bottom.

This is an example of labels on a published post. They can be found at the very bottom of a post.

1. If I click on the label it will display every post tagged with that label on a new page.
2. The gray bar will be displayed at the top indicating what label is being shown.

Super easy to click a tag and email or post the link.

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