Friday, June 17, 2016

#1 Thing We Do

I seem to take a million pictures with my mobile device. I take so many that someone told me it was like I was documenting a crime scene.

Sometimes the images we take are not great so what can you do about that? Check out the app called Snapseed. Below is an image I took and some simple edits I did to make it pop!

We all went to The Strumbellas last night and took a few images while they played.
This one is OK but with a little editing it will really pop.

Download the app.
Open the app and find the image you want to edit.

Click the pencil icon that appears in the corner to start editing.

You will be presented with many options and filters to pick from.
I started with Tune Image. This will give me access to editing things like the brightness and saturation.

This is where the magic of the app happens.
Take your finger and just press on the screen.
Keep holding it until you see this menu appear.
Use your finger to scroll up or down.
Let go when you find the option you want to edit.

I dragged my finger to the right or left to increase or decrease the value.
You can see that the brightness increased by 25.
Click the check in the lower right when finished.

In the upper right corner you see save and the number two.
Click save to keep the edits you made.
The two means I edited the photo in two ways. The first was brightness and the second was contrast.
Click the number two to undo or continue editing the image.

Check out the official Snapseed help site for more information.
They also have an official YouTube channel.

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