Monday, August 29, 2016

Google Slides feature: Audience Participation

You probably use Google Slides.  Are you using the audience Q&A feature?

Check it out:

To access this feature, use the familiar Present button to launch your slide presentation.  Then, click on the Presenter view button located in the lower-lefthand menu.  Finally, press Start new to launch the Q&A feature.

The audience sees the slide presentation (below).  To participate, the audience clicks on the link (top) if following the presentation on a device or they type the address into a browser.

The presenter view (below) shows the Q&A feed on one tab and speaker notes on the other.  Audience comments and questions are initially visible only to the presenter.

If the presenter then selects a comment's present button, the question or comment appears instantly for everyone as a slide (below):

If you are looking for an easy way to increase student or audience participation in presentations, give the Google Slides Q&A feature a try!

Update! - Everybody Loves Lasers (did you know Slides also has lasers?)

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