Monday, August 8, 2016

Sometimes you need to remind them like 101 times...

Text Message For The Win

Getting the most updated information to a large group of people can be pretty challenging. While we have a billion and one tools Remind (aka Remind 101) is pretty simple and effective.

Start by visiting Remind and creating an account. I recommend using your Lindbergh account if you are using it for district things.

Once you login look on the far left side. 
Click Create a class.

Name your class.
If this is for a team or club I would recommend using something familiar.
Example - Chess Club 2016-2017 or Freshman Football 2016-2017
Click Create.

Click Allow.

Select a way you want people to sign up to receive texts.
In-person or PDF are the most commonly used options.

Near the bottom of the screen you will find a text box.
Type your message and click Send.

This is the text that appeared on my phone. So simple!

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