Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Boomerang's new feature: Respondable

I love Boomerang.  It changed my Gmail life.

For the uninitiated, the Boomerang app gives you the power to send away those not-ready-for-inbox emails while scheduling their timely return.  Like a...hmm...boomerang!  

You can also use Boomerang to delay the sending of composed emails.  The middle of the night might be your ideal work time but it is not the time to email a student.  Schedule your overnight email to be sent at 8am.

Boomerang just added an email quality control feature called Respondable:

Touted as AI (artificial intelligence), this feature evaluates the basics of a good email:
  1. subject word count
  2. word count
  3. question count
  4. reading level
Appearing on the right side of your Gmail screen, Respondable rates the likelihood that your email will receive a response.  

Having tried it out, I have to say it helped me send an efficient, effective email.  Of course, I haven't heard back yet.  :P

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