Friday, August 26, 2016

If I had this when I was making video lessons...

Blended learners, flipped teachers, screen-casters, and video makers, listen up!

Where do students take notes when they watch videos?  
What happens to those notes?
What happens to the video?

Video is a great way to learn.  Note-taking is an essential skill.  How can you connect the notes and video in a way that maximizes learning?


Picture this (ok, just look up at the picture).  Video plays on the left.  You take notes on the right.  Every time you type, a timestamp marks that point in the video.  Video playing too fast?  Adjust the playback speed.  Use your school account to save your work to Google Drive.

Ready to study for the big test?  Open the Google Drive file.  Click on a part of your notes to trigger the video playback from that point.  Immediately, see and hear the video connected to those notes.

I'm using for professional learning.  How will you use it?

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