Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Way better than freezing!

Many of us use the freeze feature on the remote control for the projector. That way a still image is frozen on the big screen while we continue to work on the laptop. A morning message or directions could be displayed on the board while you have the attendance or email open on your laptop screen. Super efficient use of space and time.

Want to take that to the next level? Check out what Becky Donze showed us yesterday. She could play a video or have a webpage on the board and still have full use of her laptop at the same time! Seriously, this is amazing!!!

I could picture teachers getting into Google Classroom to edit papers or add materials while something else entirely different is happening on the board. How can make this magic happen in your classroom?

Extending The Screen
Dock/connect your laptop like normal. Make sure you can see your computer screen on the board.

Hit the Windows key on the keyboard and the letter P at the same time. The image below shows what should pop out on the right side of your screen. Click Extend.

This treats your projector like a second laptop screen. Just drag a presentation, video, website, etc to the second (projector) screen and see the magic happen.

Have a tip you think other teachers could benefit from? We would be happy to blog about it!


  1. I just tried this but I assume that the computer must be plugged in for this to work. I am connected wireless to projector and it does not seem to work.

  2. It is a bit of a pain in the butt as you have to "shrink" the screen, then drag it (by the top bar) across to the right side, where is "magically" begins to appear on your white board. When you get it on the white board, you can click the box to enlarge it again and it is there. To get it back you can drag it back, or simply hit the Fn7 combo again and click on duplicate and it pops back on your computer screen.

  3. There was a windows update that made my computer automatically default to the extend screen option. It also makes the screen appear cut off at the top. A little annoying, BUT easy to fix if you just minimize the window before you move it to the extended screen and then drag it to the right size. Just DON'T try to go to full screen. At least on mine, it was horrible.

    1. Great point, Daniel. That is the safest method. When you do move over the full screen and it gets cut off at the top, it usually because of the screen resolution. 1920x1080 or 1366x768 usually lets you see the top of the screen that lets you minimize and maximize on the extended screen.


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