Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Super fast Online Conversation - todaysmeet

TodaysMeet is a super fast way to create a backchannel in your classroom. The whole setup process only takes a matter of seconds and a click. That is all.

Getting Started
Navigate to todaysmeet.
1. Name the room.
2. Pick how long you want the room open for. Once this time elapses all that information will disappear.
3. Click Open your room.

What it looks like
1. This room is called facs1sthour so my address is and this is what the students would need to type in to find the page.
2. Students will add their name.
3. Click Join.

1. Type the answer in the box.
2. Click Say.

This is what the messages will look like as they come in.

Next Steps
20 useful ways to use Todaysmeet in school - from the DITCH blog.

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