Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Screencastify - A Great Way To Make Your Thinking Visible

There are times when I think it is wicked hard to understand what people are thinking. Wouldn't it be awesome if there was a way they could explain things visually? Think if you could see something and hear the person explain their thinking behind whatever you were looking at? If this is something you dream of, keep reading!

What is Screencastify?
Screencastify is a tool that allows you to capture, edit and share whatever is on your screen wicked fast.

Getting Started
Signing up and Signing in.
Install the Screencastify extension to Chrome.

Click Add extension.

You should see the extension appear somewhere in the upper right corner of your Chrome browser once it installs.

Click on the extension then select Setup Camera Access.

Click Allow. If you block you will be unable to create screencasts.

Save your recordings to Google Drive, click Next.

Sign into your Google account.
This makes the whole process a million times easier to use and way more efficient.
Make sure you click Allow when it asks for Google access.
This is followed by a few screens asking you who you are and what type of school you work in or attend.


1. Click the Screencastify icon in the upper right corner.
This drop-down will appear.
2. Click Record Desktop. You could also click Embed webcam so anyone who watched the recording could also see your face. I'm not really sure why someone would want to see me but that option exists.

This tiny red dot is the only thing that shows you are actively recording your screen.

Click the Screencastify icon to display the above toolbar when you are ready to stop recording.
Click Stop to end your recording.

Once I hit Stop my video uploaded to Drive.

I opened Drive and found my recording quickly by clicking Recent.
Now share the recording!

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