Sunday, November 19, 2017

Digital Conferring and Collaborating - NCTE 2017

This post was created as a reference for a presentation given at NCTE 2017.

I was the teacher with a million different systems to keep all my notes organized. My first strategy was a clipboard with a note card for every student taped to it. I was kinda slick except I would forget it at school, outside or in a different classroom. I never had my notes when I needed them. That system fell apart way too fast.

The next was Post-It notes. I'm sure you know how that ended, tons of money spent and notes all over the place.

Evernote was awesome but I always found it hard to use. The one part that was sweet, audio record right in the note. That might be the killer feature that separates Evernote from everything else.

Google Forms was OK but reading words on a spreadsheet is maddening.

I was at a loss. Nothing was working well and I was chasing the elusive productivity monster.

A year or so ago I attended a Google edcamp and stumbled upon an add-on for Google Sheets, this chance encounter changed everything. I'm sure there are a million different ways to do this but I have found that using docAppender has opened more doors than I expected.

Getting Started

Overview Video - Watch this to understand the whole process.

1. Create a folder in Google Drive. All of your student Google Docs will be housed in this one folder.
2. Create a Google Form.
3. Run docAppender and watch the magic.

Workflow - here is a digital copy of the step-by-step process to creating a form with docAppender. While it may appear to be a lot of steps it can be completed in under 4 minutes.

Engaging Today's Learners to Create Tomorrow's Readers and Writers - padlet we used during the session.

I used the following posts while researching this topic.

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