Saturday, October 8, 2016

When a doc is better than a sheet.

The above image are the results from a Google Form. Reading these Sheets isn't exactly a user friendly experience and can be rather cumbersome for some kids kids. If you run one simple Forms add-on the results can be entered into a simple Doc that is wicked easy for everyone to read and interpret.

This shows the exact same data that is on the top image but in a much easier and readable format. Do you see the amazing difference that docAppender can make?

Follow the directions in this video to learn how to use docAppender allowing you and your students to clean up the data.

What else can you use docAppender for?
  • Use this method to keep a running document of each time you conference with a student.
  • Creating a rubric form and share the results with teh student. The results are much easier for the student to read and interpret when compared to the sheets results.
  • Peer views!
  • Teacher observations.
  • Tracking progress through a unit or focused on specific skills.
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