Tuesday, October 18, 2016

You can't do it alone.

I used to image all these inventors toiling way at some desk in a dusty room for hours, weeks or years until their invention was finished. The lone genius hard at work.

When I started teaching that is what I believed to be happening when I walked down the halls of Truman Elementary. Behind all those closed doors everyone was by themselves perfecting their lessons for the day.

I now know that isn't possible for either scenario. There is no such thing as the lone genius. No one gets there by themselves, it takes a lot of experimentation and teamwork. And mistakes. Lots of mistakes.

Someone recently played this video and I was floored. Take in each obstacle the team had to overcome. Some of these ideas just seem too far fetched but it worked! Without a team this would not be possible. Without risk taking it would not be possible. Without some crazy ideas this would not be possible.

What risk are you going to take today? Don't ever forget that you are not alone. No one has to take this journey alone.

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