Sunday, November 26, 2017

Tasty FACS!

This post was created to support the LHS FACS students as they create video masterpieces. 

We stumbled upon this app a while ago and it just keeps getting better. We thought it would be a great time to update the post to help you hone your video creation skills. This post was used in LHS FACS to help guide the video creation process. The goal is to give you the key elements and ideas for creating video projects on mobile devices.

  • We would advise you to have a minimum of one gig of free storage on your device before you start creating your project. Trust us, we learned the hard way. Use Google Photos to back all your images and videos up.
  • Do not delete any files off your device until the project has been uploaded YouTube and submitted for a final grade.
1. What do you watch now?
This question helps us frame our thinking around the videos we watch and why we watch them.
  • What videos do you watch now?
  • Are there any themes you have in common with your classmates?

The first time we just watched the video without any context.
The second time the class was broken into small groups. Each group was assigned to watch for just one element within the clip. We shared out our findings once the video was over. The goal was to identify the unique elements we saw within the video with the hopes of adding these ideas into the student video creations. 
  • camera angle
  • camera movement
  • sound/audio
  • lighting
  • cuts in the video
  • intended audience

3. T.H.I.N.K.
This acronym was designed to help when shooting on a mobile device.
  • shooT with this storyboard or that storyboard
  • Hold that camera steady
  • Interesting surroundings
  • Not too soft, not too loud
  • Know your audience/subject

4. Editing
Pay super close attention to your storyboard. If you can capture superior raw footage your editing shouldn't take too long. Trust me, editing takes way too long if your shots are not very good or well planned.

The screenshots below use the app called FilmoraGo, a free iOS and Android app.

WARNING: It is recommend that you have a minimum of one gig of free space on your mobile device before you start editing. Do not delete any clips until your video is 100% completed and submitted for a grade. Trust me, we have learned this the hard way.

Click the FilmoraGo app to begin creating your video.

Click Create New Video.

1. Click on Video to access your files.
2. Click the circle to find your files.

Click on one of the files you want to add to the project.

1. Shows how many clips have been added to the project.
2. You can set the starting and ending points of the clips. This is a great way to trip the clip down a little bit.
3. Click add when you have your clip ready to go. Then hit the next button in the upper right corner.

1. Select the clip you want to edit.
2. Scroll left and right to find options. You can find things like titles and voiceover. 
3. Click when you are ready to go.

Adding a transition effect helps to ease from one clip into the next.

1. Scroll to find the effect you like. Click to apply.
2. Select Apply All to add same effect to all clips.
3. Click the check when you are finished.

Click Save to finalize the video.

The exporting process can take a while. It all depends on the age of the mobile device and how long the video is. I would recommend having the device plugged while it exports.

1. I always saved it to the camera roll. I could then upload to YouTube later.
2. You can upload directly to YouTube. Make sure you have created a YouTube channel before you attempt to upload any videos.

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