Wednesday, November 29, 2017

How is this even possible? (STEM question)

We were at Dressel today when my friend gave me three of these amazing chocolates. I ate two almost instantly and left the third in my car for a few hours

Just before I reached for it I suddenly stopped and thought about dinner last night. I made a batch of banana chocolate chip pancakes, mostly because plain pancakes are gross. I accidently dropped a chip near the hot griddle and when I went to grab what I thought was a solid chip all I got was chocolaty fingers. 

Back in my car I hesitated picking up the Dove because I didn't know if it was solid or not.

How is this STEM? What makes chocolate hold its shape even when it pretty much melted. Is it due to the Dove and chip where undisturbed and once a little force was applied they would collapse? Maybe the chemical structure of chocolate can withstand higher temperatures?

A quick Google search could answer this right away and stop me from thinking about it. I wonder how many different solutions I could think of before I look up the answer. I wonder if I posed this question in a classroom how many possible solutions, and new questions, we could come up with before we actually found the answer online. My gut says the kids would learn much more through brainstorming than from whatever the actual answer is.

Maybe a better title for this post should ask if the pursuit of knowledge is more meaningful than answers.

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