Thursday, November 23, 2017

Anchor Charts and #booksnaps: You will want to see this!

Anchor charts!

A week ago we posted about our first Lunch and Learn centered on the topic of #booksnaps. During a walkabout this week we stumbled upon a few anchor charts in Shannon Roe's classroom at Long. These take the idea of #booksnaps and mashed it with Seesaw enabling the students to create greatness.

The whole process starts with capturing what is being read using Seesaw. I love this chart because it helps the students with the production process. Check out step 2, voice to text! The kids don't need to type, just click the microphone icon on the keyboard and start talking. I see my 6th grade son do this all the time, great way to get all your ideas out quickly.

Do you have students that get stuck when they are creating something? Check out how this chart give them just enough to get moving and really focus on what they need to be recording. I believe this chart will help the students look deeper into the text and allow them to pull out some deeper understanding of what they read.

The final chart was a reminder of how to use emojis while stopping and jotting. While we were in Shannon's room a student referred us to this chart to tell us why she was using the heart emoji. I was very impressed with how versed the students were in using the ideas presented on the charts. 

Check out Deb Frazier's post on the Two Writing Teachers - From Markers to Emojis in Digital Writing: It's All About the Purpose and Voice The post highlights a number of reasons why using #booksnaps can be so impactful. I would highly recommend taking a few minutes and reading her post. 

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