Wednesday, February 1, 2017

One of the most interesting literacy ideas I have seen in a long time.

Global Read Aloud - One Book to Connect the World

Have you heard of the Global Read Aloud? Simply, a time when you pick from a list of books, read that book then make as many global connections with other classes who read the same book.

Pernille Ripp explains her creation - the GRA

The project will start 2 October 2017 and run for six weeks. We would definitely recommend signing up now and setting a boomerang reminder and mark it on your Google Calendar so you don't miss out on this opportunity.

What does this really mean for your class?
Reading By Example - Start by reading this blogpost illustrating how one teacher ran his GRA. He offers some very solid advice that will be worth the 8.4 minutes of reading it requires. One part that really jumped out to me is how the class used Edmodo, huge implications for teaching digital citizenship and how to leave meaningful comments. The second idea is how he started using Skype to bring experts into the classroom.

2017! I can't wait that long. What can I do this school year?
No worries, why not join the World Read Aloud Day Skypeathon on February 16th!

This project offers two tiers so you can join based on your level of comfort. I really do like tier two, connecting with another class. This offers a great opportunity for your students to connect others who are not geographically located nearby. Tier two registration ends on 1 February! Sign up now.

Groups to join.

Teachers Share Ideas for GRA - we found this doc while searching twitter. It might have advice you would find useful.

Global Collaboration - How to Start - Maybe the GRA doesn't speak to you but the idea of making a connection with class is an idea you are interested in, this article might be your Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Twitter - Search Global Read Aloud or the hashtag from last year #gra16

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