Friday, February 17, 2017

Are you prepared to be in the Path of Totality?

21 August we will be totally covered. The sun will be blocked by the moon. The temperature is said to drop maybe 10-15 degrees. Birds will start to roost. All of this will occur while we are in school.

Want to learn a little about this? Washington University offers a class that meets on one of the below dates for a few hours. We went a few weeks ago and left amazed. Why not check it out, I promise it will be absolutely worth your time.

 This event is free but you must register. Pick one of the below dates and sign up.

25 Feb. 8:30-12:00
25 Mar. 8:30-12:00
22 April 8:30-12:00

All the spots were full or you can't make the above dates? Why not come to the Solar Eclipse Expo in Queeny Park on 17 June between 10:00-5:00. It is free but you need to register for it.

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