Monday, February 6, 2017

Why the teacher told his class, "it was worthless to me."

While prepping for an upcoming PD session, this shocking video of a middle school teacher speaking to his class:

Ok, not completely shocking.  But at first, his "it was worthless to me" comment threw me for a loop.  Who would tell students that their work was worthless?

He brings up a great point.  There is a window of opportunity for providing useful feedback.  As more and more time passes between learning and feedback, that window continues to close.

Two weeks was way too long, so he solved his problem by using GoFormative to provide quick, formative feedback.

GoFormative is:
  • a free, web-based (no apps), formative feedback system
  • a way to create engaging multimedia lessons and assessments
  • a real-time window into student work as it is happening
  • easy to grade with and to give live feedback through
Try a sample assignment on the upcoming solar eclipse right now!  Go to and enter the code RUDM322 to begin.

Watch this video to see the creation of the assignment you just previewed:

Once you create an account, follow these steps to create a class and give your first assignment.

Important Note: creating a class and enrolling students in GoFormative is a requirement if you want to provide real-time feedback.

For more resources and ideas about GoFormative, visit their resource center.

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