Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Going lightspeed or kidspeed?

I sometimes wonder why I am in such a hurry. Are the deadlines real or somewhat flexible? Some days I find it nearly impossible to slow down.

I picked up Sam from school then headed over to Sappington today. I needed to get to a classroom and she was dawdling in the hallway reminiscing about the school store. I rolled my eyes and told her to step on it, we were burning daylight. I really actually say that, some holdover phrase from the Corps.

Did I need to be in a specific classroom at a precise second? Of course not. I'm not sure why we feel we must rush from thing to thing, appointment to whatever comes next.

I have no idea how I can slow down or allow things to just happen but I can sure try.

What about you? Feeling rushed by real or phantom deadlines too? How do we get off this crazy train and just enjoy the wonders of a random school store or that funny squirrel outside the window? Is it possible to just enjoy the seconds that pass without feeling rushed?

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