Saturday, February 4, 2017

I have this important thing coming in nine months and I'm afraid I'll forget!

I'm afraid I'll forget to get ready for the Global Read Aloud and I don't think using my Google Calendar is enough of a reminder.

I use a ton of sticky notes but after a while I have sticky notes on top of sticky notes.

One option could be to use an add-on for Gmail called Boomerang. I had totally forgotten about this until Sarah reminded me during our last Digital Reading Workshop LindberghU session. This is such a great idea!

Getting Started
Start by downloading and installing the add-on.

Compose an email as you normally would. 
Make sure you put your address in the to section.
Click the new red Send Later button.

Click the little calendar button.

Add a date and time. This is when the email will automatically send to you or anyone you address the email to. Click Confirm.
It looks like the email just disappears. To find the email click on the Boomerang-Outbox label.

I could click on the email and edit if needed.

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