Thursday, February 9, 2017

How do I keep some rando from posting on TodaysMeet?

TodaysMeet is an easy to use powerful learning tool. What makes it so easy is the site does not require you to use a password.

So how do you keep randos from posting?

I wanted to create a room for the kids to talk about Hatchet, a book we are reading. I could use the room simply called hatchet but someone not in my class could stumble upon and post.

It appears you can't use punctuation or random symbols in your room name, which is kinda unfortunate. I just added my room number after the name. For more information about naming your rooms refer to their FAQ page. The more random the room name the more invisible it will become.

20 Useful Ways to Use TodaysMeet in the Classroom - this comes from the DITCH that textbook blog, definitely worth your time to read it. Many of these ideas are adaptable for your classroom.

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