Wednesday, December 21, 2016

How do I make a Google Form?

I'm sure you have all filled out countless Google Forms over the years. Curious on how to make one? Just keep reading this post, we will walk you through the basics.

Create the Form
To get started open Google Drive.
1. Click New.
2. Click More.
3. Click Google Forms.

1. Create an informative title. Using something like Quiz might not be super helpful to the end user, what is it a quiz about?
2. Add a description or directions under the title. This will be very helpful in the long run.

Creating a Question
1. Question title.
2. Short description or directions for this specific question.
3. Multiple choice questions.
4. Required question - you can't submit if you don't answer this question. Toggle it on/off.
5. I clicked this icon to add a description under the question title. Using a description under the title is a pro tip!

1. Click the plus symbol to add a question. Look to your right, you should see it there. For this example I choose Video.
2. The video is inserted. If you wanted to add some questions about the video, just click the plus symbol to add them below.

One you have all your questions, videos, etc in your Form it is time to share it.
Click Send in the upper right corner.

1. Click this if you want the student to be logged into their Google account and have the form automatically collect their email address. This is probably something you want to do, so you know who answered what.
2. You can also get a direct link or the embed code for the form.
3. Fill this out completely if you are emailing the form. Make sure your Subject and Message are informative.
4. Just click this. It make filling out the form about 48% easier.
5. Want a buddy to help you create this form? Just add them as a collaborate, kinda like in Google Docs.
6. All ready? Click Send.

Email Looks Like

Data From Form
To find your results, return to your form.
Click Responses.

1. Toggle between summary and reading each individual submission.
2. Scroll down to see more responses.
3. Click the green flag to see the traditional Google Sheet for a single view of all the answers.

Additional Support

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