Thursday, December 15, 2016

12 Minutes - Problem to Solution

Have you ever been too close to a problem that you keep circling it until all your energy is drained? Ever feel like that same issue keeps running you into a brick wall?

If that is you, keep reading because we have stumbled upon a solution!

A few of us attended an event put on by Connected Learning the other night. The idea of the Ed Pitch session was to crowdsource your issue and have those who came generate new ideas and solutions. 

The format was pretty simple, you had two minutes to describe the issue and the crowd was give exactly ten minutes to ask questions and offer ideas. Everyone was given a stack of Post-It notes to jot down additional thoughts allowing everyone to have a voice. Those notes where handed to the person/team who pitched the room once their time was up.

In twelve minutes you have a stack of new ideas to spark your problem solving efforts. All of this could take place during a plan time, lunch or those few minutes before and after school.

Why is this so amazing?
  • It was just about 98.7% positive. No one was dwelling on why something wouldn't work. All that positive energy was infectious.
  • Solutions were discovered.
  • No problem is impossible when you have the room helping create new pathways to success. 
  • 12 minutes. Just takes 12 minutes.
  • It could be used with staff.
  • It would definitely work wonders with kids. 

Sound like something you want to try out? Why not shoot us an email. We will help you bring this to life.

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