Monday, December 19, 2016

blogo - blogging from your iPad/iPhone

There are plenty of blogging apps for the iPad but none are as simple as blogo. Follow these simple steps to get your iPad synced up with your existing blogger blog.

Note - The official Blogger app for the iPad/iPhone is no longer available.

Download the blogo app on your iOS device.

Fastest way to connect to your existing blog is to click on the Google button.
Log in with your school Google account.

1. Type in your existing blogger address.
2. Click Add Blog.

1. Fill in your title and body of the blog.
2. Click on the three dots to add images.

Click Library to search your device for an image to add.

The app will allow you to adjust the image a bit before adding it to your post.

Click Publish when you want the post to be seen by the public.

Have a question? Why not check out the blogo help site.

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