Monday, December 12, 2016

Don't forget the black & white images.

There are a million photo apps but this is currently my favorite. I know you can tinker with the photos after you take them but Lenka does black and white so well you don't have to do anything once you take a picture. Lenka is available for Android and iOS.

This image serves two purposes. First, I wanted to show you what this view looks like through the regular camera app. The second purpose was to document how clean my work area is. 

This picture was taken with the Lenka app. It gives the whole image a totally different feel.

The app interface is very simple.
1. Click the yellow button to take a picture.
2. Toggle these two buttons off/on to show/hide the sliders. These will allow you to create a cool or warm image depending on how you make your adjustments.

Example Image
We went to see Samantha the swan in Lafayette Park. Yep, she has a swan named after her!

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