Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Why can't I find certain files anymore in Google Drive?

I was asked a question last night and it really got me thinking. We used to have to really watch our H Drives (anyone still remember those?) and keep everything highly organized and weed out old files. I took a look at her Google Drive and noticed she had 9 gigs of files. I opened mine and I have 76 gigs! Those mean we both have files on top of files. Search through all of this is like looking for a needle in a needle stack, not an easy task.

I started looking around to find techniques for efficient searching Google Drive. Here is what I found.

I wanted to find all the docs that Doug owned. I typed this into the search bar: owner:dbarton

I know there was a doc created after a certain date. I used this to search: after:2015-01-03

About a year ago I created a document that talked about the Promethean software. I'm not sure what the document was called but I'm pretty sure I mentioned the word Promethean somewhere. All I did to find what I was looking for was to put quotes around the word Promethean.

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