Thursday, January 7, 2016

Add a soundscapes to writing with Booktrack Classroom!

Creativity.  Expression.  Emotion.  Imagination.  Immersion...and sound effects.

What am I talking about?  Reading and writing, of course!

Did you say sound effects?  

Yes, I did.

Booktrack Classroom empowers students to add soundscapes to their stories or those from a free, classical ebook collection.  Highlighting text they would like to enhance, students insert layers of music, ambient sounds, and sound effects.  After publishing, readers can adjust the timing of the story's embedded soundscape to fit their reading speed.

The result is an immersive reading and writing experience that engages students deeply in their story. 

Check one out before reading on:

Teachers can create classes on Booktrack Classroom to manage and share student work.  Accounts are free and created with the push of a Google login button.  Published stories can be curated and searched for on the website or pushed out to students through Google Classroom.

If you are looking for a way to activate your students' creativity or engage them more deeply in reading and writing, give Booktrack Classroom a try.

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