Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Seesaw - Did you see the update?

Make the work available to the world!

Are you looking for a way to share what your students are doing with Seesaw? You can push items to individual parents but sometimes you want to share things with other classrooms and the world. Follow the steps below to push select items to a public Seesaw page.

I logged in to my Seesaw account on my laptop and this is what appears in the upper right corner. Click on the globe icon to start the process.

All you need to do from here on out is follow the prompts. They are calling the public facing page a blog. Don't worry! Just put a link to this on your own blog, Facebook or website. That will make it simple for anyone to find your Seesaw stuff.

Feel free to read the pages that pop up. I just kept clicking on the links or buttons I saw. 

I would recommend putting some thought into this. Pick a name that really represents your class. 

Make a choice. Do you want it public or password protected? 

Click the blue link at the top to see your new page.

To post items to your blog/public page go back to your Seesaw feed. Look at the bottom right side of a post. Click the globe icon.

Click the green button to make it live on the web.

The post appears on the web exactly as it appears in your feed.

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