Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Sometimes I think typing is so 2015.

I am kinda in love with talking to my phone. I don't mean talking on my phone because I really can't stand talking on it.

What do I mean? Picture this, it was like 8:50 PM (which is wicked late at night for me) and we had not eaten dinner yet. The first two place we tried had an hour wait. That was pretty frustrating. My wife was typing on her phone to find a restaurant nearby but I just asked my phone.

In seconds we found a place without a line. It was like a miracle!

What else can you ask your phone to do for you?

On the way to dropping the kids off at school I spoke into the phone and told it to play Chuck Mangione. Why Chuck? Just listen to that horn!

Other times I tell my phone to set an alarm, a timer, open a certain app and about a million other things. I use voice because clicking around on the phone to open an app just take way too long!

What are your favorite voice commands?

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