Thursday, November 12, 2015

My kids are using this app and I'm wondering what they are up to.

What could my next steps be?

You have some of your students using apps and you are wondering what they are doing. There just isn't time to sit down with each of them to have a conversation every time they use the iPads. Are you looking for a super simple solution to this issue?

Seesaw is it!

Before the students move off the center or close out the app have them follow these simple steps and watch your concerns melt away.

Take a screenshot of something that represents what you have been working on.

Open Seesaw.
Click Camera Roll.

Open Photos.
Click Camera Roll.

Select the image you want to upload.

The image will open.
Click the pencil icon.

Now the students can annotate and record their voice.
This will allow the students to reflect on their learning and allow you some insight into what they are doing!

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