Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Google Keep - Capture what's on your mind.

Keep - Always Within Reach

Google Keep is one of those simple apps that integrates into every part of your mobile and desktop life. This post is dedicated to showing you a few ways you can use Keep today.

Getting Started

4 Note Types
  1. Basic Note
  2. Checkoff List
  3. Image
  4. Voice

1. Basic Note

Click Take a note... to start creating a basic note.

Start typing to begin your note.
It is recommended you add a title to your note.

2. Checkoff List

Click the icon shown above to start a new note with checkboxes.

Each entry will be accompanied by a check box. Click the box when that task has been accomplished. It will then be moved to the bottom of the list with a line through that entry. You can uncheck the item and it will move back into the note.

Click the ice cream cone (three dots in the upper right corner) to open the menu.

With one click you can copy your note to a Google Doc. This is a great way to start brainstorming ideas and later move it all into a doc.

3. Voice

The app will record your voice and translate it into text. While the translation isn't always perfect you can click the play icon to listen to exactly what you said.

4. Image

Take a picture with the app.
You can keep the image as is or use the ice cream cone menu to select Grab image text.

The above text came from a Smoothie King ad I had on my desk. While the text conversion isn't always perfect it is pretty good.

Google Keep is an app that is available to you and your students today.

Other useful feature not mentioned in this post:
     set a time reminder
     set a location reminder - this might be the most impressive type of reminder
     organize your notes with labels
     Create a note and share it with anyone. A nice way for students to give you some feedback.
Drawing (Android only)
     Scroll down this page to find the information about this new feature.

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