Friday, November 20, 2015

Google Photos - An Update

These are all the random MicroSD cards I found on my desk. Seriously. Why so many? I take a million pictures on my phone and I keep filling up the cards. Instead of sorting through and deleting various images I just buy a new card. Deleting is just so time consuming!

This week Google released an update to the Photos app. It is only available on Android but soon it should be released for iOS devices. This update will solve my issue of the full SD card and might just prevent me from buying more cards.

What magical feature is this? The app will scan your phone and let you know how much space you will save if you delete the images and videos you already have backed up to Google Drive. Follow the steps below to run this feature on your Android device.

Open the Google Photos app.
Click the hamburger icon on the upper left side. (Three lines.)
Click Settings

Click Free up device storage

The app will start scanning your device and comparing it to what you have saved online.

My phone took an hour or so for this alert to pop. 

Click DELETE to remove the images from your phone. I was able to free up almost a whole gig!
It will only delete the videos and images from your phone and not the exact copies you have backed up in your Google Drive.

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