Monday, April 16, 2018

Can you ever have enough in your Drive?

How big is your Drive?
You should see a number on the far left side of your screen. Click that to see what is taking up space.

I have seen our Google Drives grow in size every year. I would assume in the next two years these Drives will be massive.

So if you have a billion files can you really find what you need quickly?

I know you can just use the search at the top but did you know there is a better way?

Search Within
Doing a basic search yields too many results. Most of the time I have to scroll a lot to find what I need no matter how I search for it. Did you know with one right click you can narrow down your search in a snap?

Open your Drive.
1. Find the folder you think the file is in, right click on it.
2. Click Search within (should see your folder name right here)

The screen doesn't look all that different once your right click. 
Start typing in the usual search area at the top of Drive.

The search results are only things in the folder you right clicked on!

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