Monday, May 16, 2016

So you are leaving/graduating/retiring...

 gradgopher link

You have all of this Google data that you would like to take with you to college or to look over as you sit on the beach in your retirement. There is something called Google Takeout but that only goes so far.

Take a look at this very inexpensive site. Not only is it wicked simple but it goes way beyond what Google Takeout can do. GradGopher transfers all your Google Drive folders from your work account to your personal account and it will make a copy of all the docs that were shared with you. That alone is the killer feature, one that Google can't do. It will also maintain your folder structure making finding your documents a snap.

Just sign in with both accounts and set up a time to copy your data. It is that simple.

Note: It does copy over all your emails if you want. Attachments? You bet! Sometimes it is just nice to have all of that information to use later on.

GradGopher - follow them on twitter
Check out their review on Facebook. I did write one after I used GradGopher with a teacher. While you are there why not like the page!

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