Thursday, May 26, 2016

PicMonkey - Click and Done!

PicMonkey is a power online editor that does just about everything you want. Here are a few of our favorite things you can do. This post will get you started by creating a collage and simple editing.

Why not check out this free online tool before summer starts. I'm sure you will take tons of pictures and this site will let you alter them in a fun way.

Scroll down and click on Collage.

Click Open.
Select the pictures you want.

Click on the images that appear on the left and drag them to the right.
You can reposition the images by dragging them to a different spot.

The final product.
You have about a billion different options when making a collage. 

Click Edit to upload an image.

This is similar to all the apps that allow you to edit on your mobile device.
I clicked on the magic wand to produce the image below.

I used the Boost effect to amp up the colors.

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