Monday, October 21, 2013

Lindbergh eLibrary - How to check out books 24/7/365

The worst part of any library is that they close.  I am sure you are super pumped up about checking out that new book only to find the library has closed for the night.  In need of a solution to this perplexing issue?  No fear the eLibrary is here!

The Lindbergh eLibrary provides instant access to many titles day or night.  This post will show you how to check books in and out of our virtual library.

Items you need to get started:
1.  10 digit state ID (teachers - contact the technology department for your access code)
2.  an internet connection
3.  an Adobe Digital Editions account (free)
4.  Overdrive - computer, iOS or Android App (free)

Click the links below to learn more about your specific device.

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