Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Which browser is which?

by kjhosein

How do you decide which browser to use when you go online?

Here are a few suggestions that might help you decide what to use.  Post a comment about the browser you find most beneficial.

You must use Internet Explorer!  This is the one browser SIS says will work all the time.  There is one tiny little option you need to select to enable compatibility mode which will help you to enter your grades like a pro!

You know your browser is in compatibility mode when the icon (looks like ripped paper) is glowing blue.  It should remain in this mode until you disable it.  You can disable it by clicking on the icon and the icon will be grayed out.

Everything Else
Use Chrome for the rest of your browsing on the web.

Did you know there are two versions of Chrome on Windows 8?  See the two images below to see the difference and how to toggle between the two.

Traditional Desktop Mode
This is the one you are most familiar with.  You can see the taskbar at the bottom of your screen.

Windows 8 Mode
The most obvious difference is there is no task bar at the bottom of the screen.

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