Tuesday, August 13, 2013

8/13: Sperreng PD Session

LiNC at Sperreng on Tuesday, August 13

Session Break-outs: Choose two, 45-minute sessions:

______ Bare Bones: Room 214 - Colleen McCarthy  

______ Gmail & Google Drive:  Library classroom - Colin Davitt and Elizabeth Marsh

______ Google Drive & Other Apps:  Room Hansel - Josh Hansel & Angela Schneider

______ Helix Laptop Tricks and Shortcuts: Library - Clint Walker

Whole Group9:30 - 10:00 - Colin presents to all staff on student use of Google Drive protocols.  

Gmail Resources:
  • Use CHROME (set as default)
  • Overview/Tour (including search function)
  • Create a custom signature line
  • Conversation View (vs. 1 message/line)
  • Sending mail and attaching documents
  • Organizing the inbox (labels/ primary boxes)
  • If necessary- vacation responses

Google Drive Resources:

  • Overview/Tour (My vs Shared, search)
  • Create a new document (available filetypes here)
  • **Settings**- Upload (via desktop, drag/drop)
  • Filetypes and limited to 30GB
  • How to share
  • Organizing your Drive

GAFE for Students:

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  1. Check out some GoogleDoc file formats here:


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