Friday, August 9, 2013

Proxy Settings on Windows 8 - Saving you 45-90 seconds per day!

Do you sometimes forget to turn the proxy settings back on?  Then you laptop might not connect properly back to the school network causing some unfortunate issues. Those days are now over!!!

You will still need to deselect the proxy when you go home or attempt to connect to an outside wifi network but when you log back in on campus it will automatically turn the proxy back on.  I am pretty sure this will save you about 45-90 second per day.


  • If your computer is completely shut down and you restart at it school the settings will automatically be adjusted.  
  • If you open your computer at school and it is instantly on (it was just sleeping) you will need to log out and back in.  This process should take only a few seconds.  To log out/in hit these three keys: Ctrl+Alt+Delete and select Sign Out.

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